Learning Slovenian

General information about learning Slovenian

The knowledge of Slovene is an important and fundamental step in the process of integration into Slovenian society. Language skills are crucial for better social inclusion, continuing education, finding a job and obtaining Slovenian citizenship.


Schools are obliged to organize additional Slovene classes and learning assistance for children with insufficient knowledge of the language. Preparatory language courses are also organized by Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. Young people from 16 years of age who do not attend primary school, have the same rights as adults.


If you have international protection, you are entitled to a 300-hour course financed by the state. The course consists of two parts: a 180-hour initial course and a 120-hour additional course. There you will learn how to speak, write and read and improve other skills in the Slovene language. If you do not attend a course, you may lose financial assistance for housing. You can also find some free Slovenian courses for foreigners through the Administrative Unit and the Employment Service. To apply, you must meet certain criteria. Language schools Cene Štupar, Mint, Lingula, Horizont offer Slovene courses for foreigners, but you have to pay for those courses. There are also some organizations that help migrants to learn the language with the help of volunteers. These are not professional teachers and you will not receive any certificate, but they offer free teaching aid.