Learning English

General information about learning English

The national language of Ireland is Irish (Gaelic). However, it is not spoken by many people. English is the most commonly used language in Ireland. In order to be able to function within Irish society, you will need to be able to communicate in English. Learning English will increase your ability to find work, join clubs, communicate with service providers (doctors, teachers etc.), build relationships and integrate into communities. Irish people have a unique way of speaking English with many different accents and many phrases or sayings which are only used in Ireland.


There are language support services available in both primary and secondary schools in Ireland for children who are learning English as an additional language (EAL). This support includes extra designated class time given to students with EAL support teachers. The number of EAL teachers assigned to a school will depend on the amount of pupils in need of this assistance.


When you are located in an EROC centre, you will have access to English language classes. This is a free service available during your time in the centre.

Failte Isteach offer free conversational English classes around the country for all types of migrants. 

If you are unemployed and receiving social welfare payments, you are entitled to free training which can include English language training. You can contact your nearest Social Welfare Office or visit Fetchcourses to find out more.

There are many private English Language Schools all over Ireland which are fully accredited. Fees will vary according to each school.

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