How is the education system organised?

In Austria, education is funded by the government, and therefore mostly free of charge, private education is also available at all levels. Education and training between the age of 5 and 18 are compulsory in Austria. The first four years of compulsory education are completed in primary school. From the age of 10, either a new secondary school or an Academic Secondary School (also called AHS) are visited. The ninth school year can be completed in a polytechnic school (with a focus on vocational orientation and preparation for apprenticeship) or in a variety of other types of schools. An overview can be found here.

Education rights for TCNs

Child & youth 

Austrian law provides that all children have the right and the duty to go to school from 6 to 15 years of age. As a resettled person, your minor children also fall into this category and will be automatically integrated into the compulsory National Education System, you will just have to take care of their enrollment in the right school, depending on their age.


Adults who have been granted international protection have the same access to education as Austrian citizens. If you are an adult who has not completed secondary school, you can attend Further Education Institutes which have many suitable educational courses. To find a suitable Institute you can seek advice at one of the education counseling centers here.

How can I access education for myself or my children?

If you wish to enrol a child of school age to a primary or secondary school, you should be able to enrol your child, but there is no free choice of school for compulsory schooling in Austria. Instead compulsory schools are assigned by place of residence.

Generally, the typical school year runs between September and June. As a rule, enrollment takes place between the beginning of January and the beginning of March. the exact time is determined by the education directorates or the community.

Adults who wish to enrol in further education or attend university/college, should contact the facility directly to find out more about enrolling.