Learning German

General information about learning German

The national language of Austria is German. You will soon notice that there exist many different regional dialects. Nevertheless, it is important to learn standard German so that you easily commiunicate in everyday life (at school, at the doctor’s, at the authorities) join clubs and find work.

German language courses help you to learn the language quickly, but daily practice is just as important: Try to find German-speaking friends and acquaintances at language cafes, as tandem partners or while you are volunteering in a club of your choice. There are many websites that offer German language courses online and many of these websites are cheap or even free. lease see the links on tandem opportunities, language cafes and free language courses below.


All children between 6 and 15 years old have to go to school in Austria. Children with refugee status are admitted as extraordinary students in school. This status can take a maximum of two years. During this time they will be able to attend a language startup group or a language development course of eleven hours weekly. Depending on where you live in Austria, you will be able to find partly free courses of clubs and organizations for children and young people who want to learn German (for example in the afternoon or also during holidays).


As a resettled person you can find help in finding a suitable German course with your contact person in the ARGE Resettlement. This is important as integration in Austria is to a large extent the responsibility of the individual federal states that cooperate with ministries, the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) and the Labor Market Service (AMS). There are great differences between courses offered in the various federal states and currently there is no uniform approach. Not everywhere there are enough German courses for adults. Some courses are free, some you have to co-finance others cost a few hundred euros. As mentioned above, a language course helps, but daily practice is really important as well. You can make new german speaking acquaintances as a volunteer in an association or in the language cafe linked below.

Further Information and Links

Nationwide information

Language portal of the Austrian Integration Fund

Locations list of the Austrian Integration Fund

Online language courses

The website of the Austrian Integration Fund offers the opportunity to practice German online.

Language cafe

Where to find tandem partners

The language centre of the University of Vienna offers a way to find a learning partner with whom you can organise a free language exchange (tandem) independently.