Rehabilitation Center for Stress and Trauma

Rehabilitation Center for Stress and Trauma
Rehabilitation Center for Stress and Trauma Zagreb (RCT) is an independent, non-profit civil society organization that provides psycho-social support, empowers and advocates for the disadvantaged. RCT works with and for refugees and migrants, civilian survivors of torture and trauma, and other individuals and groups in risk of social exclusion, such as persons with disability and care leavers. Through community work RCT supports and build underprivileged and post-conflict communities.
Zagreb, City of Zagreb, HR
Contact Person
Dragana Knezic
Contact Email
Telephone Number
+385 1 4641 342
Fields of Work
Youth Migration Children persons with disability elderly
Volunteering Activities
RCT Zagreb provides volunteering opportunities in the ongoing projects either in direct support to our beneficiaries or in supporting RCT staff in managerial, organizational, education and training activities. We provide volunteers with opportunities and support to gain valuable skills and working experience in the NGO sector, community work and non-institutional social services.
Local Volunteers
International Volunteers

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