Novapolis Association- Center of Analysis and Initiatives for Development

Novapolis Association- Center of Analysis and Initiatives for Development
Novapolis contributes to a democratic, inclusive and diverse society that is economically balanced, capable to respond to everyone's needs. Our mission is to support and promote the democratic values, as well as the models and the interventions for developing a society based on freedom, responsability and respect. The main activities include grass-root actions, public events and workshops, researches at local and national level, projects in the field of immigration and foreigner's integration in Romania,work force mobility into the EU, inclusion and participation of youth, social justice, social dialog and community development.
Bucharest, South-East, RO
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Alexe Iris
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Education Youth Migration Children
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Volunteering Activities
Novapolis Association was hosting many national and international volunteers during the implentation of the projects. We offered traineeship in the field of project management, fundraising, educational individualized plans, social communication and advocacy. During the traineeship, the trainees acquired knowledge and new skills in regards to project planning, donation system, sponsorships, partnerships related to migration and foreigner's integration, social activities and youth participation. Our objective is to skill up the young people and provide them further opportunities to be more qualified and more employable in the contemporary labour markets, both at national and European level.
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