Centar za mirovne studije – Centre for Peace Studies

Centar za mirovne studije - Centre for Peace Studies
Centre for Peace Studies (Croatian abbreviation: CMS; English abbreviation: CPS) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization promoting non-violence and social change through education, research and activism. CPS grew out of various forms of direct peace-building in western Slavonia (Volunteers’ Project Pakrac, 1993-1997). It was founded in 1996 in Pakrac and formally registered in Zagreb the following year. CPS operates through three compatible programs: Asylum, Integration and Human Security, Peace Education and Non-violence Affirmation, and Combating Inequalities. In our work in all programs we combine several approaches - research, education, public actions, and work on public policies, advocacy and public campaigns.
Zagreb, City of Zagreb county, HR
Contact Person
Lucija Mulalic
Contact Email
Telephone Number
+385 91 240 0185
Fields of Work
Volunteering Activities
CMS volunteers are an essential part of the team: around 20 people every year support CMS work, by dedicating a few hours per week to refugees’ support in everyday life struggles and proactively organizing integration activities, all of this with the support of CMS volunteer coordinator. Activities are: language support for refugees and other migrants, organizing social and cultural events with the final aim for the new citizens to get to know their new home, legal support, orientation support in everyday life (public offices; bureaucracy; support in paperwork); support in job-seeking (CV writing, job searching, preparation for job interviews).
Local Volunteers
International Volunteers

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